JFS Digital Consulting

JFS offers a range of digital services including,  improving website tracking and creating bespoke and easy to understand performance reports through data visualisation tools.

I also offer troubleshooting and training to overcome any problems in your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager set-up to ensure all data is as accurate and reliable as possible.

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Technical SEO Audits

To indicate whether technical changes need to be made to the site to help its performance in search.

Setting up onsite tracking requirements

Make sure you understand exactly what users are doing on your website through bespoke tracking.

Troubleshooting & Setup

Make sure website data is as reliable and well organised as possible to make it easy to understand whether marketing efforts are working.

Performance Reporting

Creating bespoke and easy to understand performance reports to assess whether marketing objectives are being achieved.

With over 9 years’ experience in digital marketing working as a strategist for agencies and freelancing to local and international businesses, I’ve learnt what does and doesn’t work in many industries contexts. I specialise in offering businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups a transparent, reliable and honest service free from the all too familiar marketing buzzwords.
Jamie Frere-Smith
Founder & CEO
JFS Digital Consulting

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