Digital Insights Consulting

Digital Insights Consulting

In today’s information driven world, data has become an increasingly valuable commodity, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of digital marketing.

Ultimately, the aim of our services is to give you data driven insights to improve your digital marketing through answering the following questions:

  • WHO is accessing your website? – This can be found out through Google Analytics analysis.

  • WHAT are users doing when they're on your website? More granular insights can be gained through custom Google Tag Manager installations.

  • WHY are users performing those actions? This can be done through setting up user testing scenarios and asking users directly what motivated their behaviours through questionnaires, as well as using software such as Microsoft Clarity.

These insights will give you a comprehensive understanding of your users and what is motivating their onsite actions. This will help you create informed, well considered marketing campaigns and strategies as well as improving general business intelligence.

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With over 9 years’ experience in digital marketing working as a strategist for agencies and freelancing to local and international businesses, I’ve learnt what does and doesn’t work in many industries contexts. I specialise in offering businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups a transparent, reliable and honest service free from the all too familiar marketing buzzwords.
Jamie Frere-Smith
Founder & CEO
JFS Digital Consulting

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